Title Tune Demo Post datesort ascending
Beer Prayer Lords Prayer 11/30/2015
Fuck a Duck Row, Row, Row your Boat 7/30/2015
Creepy, Sleazy Feeling Eagles "Peaceful Easy Feeling" 6/11/2015
Circle Asshole jHavelina Chant 6/3/2015
Wanky Doodle Sung to Yankee Doodle 6/2/2015
YMCA Sung to YMCA 6/2/2015
My Favorite Things Sound of Music - My Favorite Things 6/2/2015
The S&M Man The Candy Man 5/19/2015
Hashy Birthday Happy Birthday 5/15/2015
WHIP IT OUT AT THE BALL GAME Take Me Out to the Ball Game 5/6/2015
Tecate La Cucaracha 5/6/2015
Jesus Saves 4/22/2015
Roll your leg Over 4/22/2015
OLD BROWN COW The Old Gray Mare 4/20/2015
THE HASH HOUSE HARRIERS The Addams Family 4/20/2015
DEAD DOG ROVER I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover 4/20/2015
Hasher Men This Old Man 4/20/2015
Hasher Women This Old Man 4/20/2015
My Name Is Jack 9/11/2014
Chicago The Bear Went Over the Mountain 9/11/2014
Yogi Bear Camptown Races 9/11/2014
You're stupid 9/11/2014
There Was A Little Bird 9/11/2014
You Ought To Be Publicly Pissed On My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean 9/11/2014
Soldier Song 9/11/2014
Meet the Hashers Flintstones Theme 9/11/2014
Love Me Tender Love Me Tender 9/11/2014
jHavelina H3 Kennel Chant 9/11/2014
It's a Small Dick It's a Small World 9/11/2014
Here’s to Brother Hasher Hail To the Bus Driver 9/11/2014
Heineken, Schmeineken 9/11/2014
His One-Skin My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean 9/11/2014
Dead Dog Rover I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover 9/11/2014
Aahlawetta Alouette 9/11/2014